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Save Big on Your Next House

There are a number of programs out there that select individuals can take advantage of for massive savings on their home purchase. Two such programs available through HUD that I’ve discovered recently are:

  • The Good Neighbor Next Door: This program provides a 50% discount on the listing price of the house, provided that you live in the house for 3 years. In order to purchase one of these homes, you have to take out a second mortgage for the discounted amount. If you live up to your end of the deal, you don’t have to make any payments on the second mortgage.Who’s eligible?
    • Law Enforcement Officers
    • Firefighters
    • Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Pre-K through 12th grade teachers
  • American Dream Downpayment Initiative: This program provides assistance based on the greater of $10,000 dollars or 6% of the purchased homes value.Who is eligible?
    • First time homebuyers (person(s) who have not owned a home in the past 3 years).
    • Income must not exceed 80% of the local area median income.
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