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Lenox Park in Cartersville, GA

Lenox Park is probably one of my favorite new subdivisions in Bartow County. The entrance is located just off the South Bridge on South Erwin Street. You should be able to see it dead center here.

Although the subdivision could use a little more in the way of landscaping, it does has a nice Williamsburg/Jamestown look to it. The subdivision is arranged in a large rectangle with large two story houses + 2-car garages lining the longer sides and smaller 2 story houses with carports lining the ends (only one end for now, they haven’t started on all the houses).

Most, if not all, have built-in cabinetry/bookcases in the living room with multiple coaxial cable outlets around the room for your TV(s). The bedrooms are a fair size, unless you get one of the smaller houses, then they are going to be noticably smaller (especially the master bedroom).

You won’t find any laminated countertops in these houses either. I don’t know what they actually used, but in one of them that I walked into, the kitchen looked to have a granite appearance(it’s not). The bathrooms had some type of molded white acrylic/polyethylene, while better than a laminated countertop, it doesn’t match up with the kitchen.

Fees! Oh God! The Fees!

I know, just when the subdivision seemed too good to be true. I hate HOA fees just as much as the next person. What really got too me though was the “Initiation Fee.” This isn’t a Frat is it?

  • Home Owner’s Association Dues: $450/Yr
  • Initiation Fee: $800 (A one time only ‘BS’ fee)

One Last Note

The houses are really more like townhomes, as you can’t walk between them to get from the front to the back. The garages on the larger houses are all built together. On the smaller homes, the laundry rooms in the back are built as one. The overall appearance is that they are all separate, but they aren’t.


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  • Janel Maini

    Do you have a number for the President of the HOA in Lenox Park. I am looking to buy a house there.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Sharon Smith

    Don’t buy there until the home owner assocation gets their act together and quits acting like a gestapo. The president, I understand, is self appointed. And to my best knowledge not everyone has been informed of the home owner assocation meeting this Saturday, May 16. So, I’m sure business will be discussed that won’t be communicated to everybody. They have done nothing to make new residents feel welcome, but are quick to point out anything that’s in violation of the covenants assuming everybody has the covenants. The newly formed architectural committee is a real “hoot” I don’t know what their “design” background is but it boils down to whatever they think looks good is ok.

  • Andrew Rohland

    We love living in this neighborhood!!! It is a great place to live and play! The HOA is in place to keep the place looking great and they are doing a great job. You simply can’t beat the amount of house for the money!

  • Seth Dunn

    Seth DunnSeth Dunn

    Author Reply

    I am the HOA president. Anyone interested in the neighborhood should feel free to contact me any time at

    Our neighborhood is a nice place to live. Most of the townhomes are very spacious and its generally very quiet. Our HOA fees are comparatively low ($600/year as of 2009). Lenox Park is a covenants protected community so you can be sure that your investment will be protected even in today’s tough real estate market.

    You can find us on facebook by searching “Lenox Park HOA”

  • Rene Rohland

    We have been very happy living in Lenox Park. The HOA has been fantastic and worked very hard at maintaining the look and esthetic of the neighborhood to ensure that the homeowners will maintain their investment. The neighbors are wonderful and we have found many friends amung them. We still feel like we have gotten a steal for our money and we enjoy the best of all worlds. No yard maintanance but a large football size park in the front of our houses for our children to play in! Again no maintanance, yay!

  • Cristina Perlas

    Is there any 2 bedrooms rentals in Lenox Part? Really love the area and would love to move there! I currently live in Orlando but I’m moving to the area in the beginning of Feb. If anyone has any information please contact me at!

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