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My background is primarily in web development and for the past 4+ years has focused on the Demandware platform. With my current position at Moku Collective, I’m getting to do a lot of things I enjoy while at the same time getting exposure to a wide variety of DWRE implementations & clients.

Aside from working with Demandware, I’m also an avid Laravel/PHP developer. I’m currently working on a SaaS app that will provide online field service management so that service companies can take bookings straight from their website. It’s a project that has presented a number of challenges leading to a vast improvement in both my development/business acumen and overall speed.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing some home improvement. After replacing all incandescents & CFLs with LEDs, I’ve begun upgrading our ordinary light switches to push-button Lutrons and upgrading plain outlets to Leviton outlets with USB plugins. They are seemingly simple improvements, but they have taught me a great deal about the wiring of my home.

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