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Happy Holidays Widescreen Desktop

Yes, it’s only 4 days into November and already Halloween has been reduced to a mere lingering ghost on the candy isle. The sounds of cackling witches and ghosts have now been replaced with the thumpety-thump-thump of Jimmy Durante and crew. Yep, ’tis the season.

So, I thought I’d get into the spirit by releasing a wide-screen desktop wallpaper. You don’t see many made for 1680×1050, so I started up Photoshop and cranked out a pretty nice holiday-themed wallpaper for all to enjoy!

Happy Holidays Wallpaper

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  • Aileen


    Author Reply

    Hi Zach!

    Thanks for letting us use this! I actually used it as my background to make our little company invite for our X’mas party. Hope that’s cool!

    Nice work! I need to get inspired more! LOL ok I’m going to check out your other work eventually… maybe it’ll spark my OWN creativity! Ha ha!

    Thanks again and take care… and… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • R G

    R GR G

    Author Reply

    Thanks, nicely done. Love the color.

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