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Trulia, A Truly Awesome Real Estate Search Engine

I discovered a great website for house-hunting this past weekend,, and I can honestly say it’s now my favorite site for looking up homes for sale.

The feature that sets it apart from all others is that it maps out all of the results so you can see exactly where all of the homes reside. For those that are familiar with the area(s) that they want to live, this is a must have features as it makes narrowing your search results really simple.

Even for those that aren’t familiar with the area they live in, it’ll let you see which houses are closest to the Interstate or to where you work.

But, Trulia has other unique features that make it a great website.

  • Recently sold homes are displayed on the map.
  • Recently updated listings are listed as such.
  • You can subscribe to receive notices for individual properties when they are updated.
  • Viewing a property also provides you with any available comps.
  • Housing trends for your area are also available (The larger the city & the closer to Atlanta, the more detail they can provide)
  • Post questions about real estate and have them answered/discussed by many different individuals in the real estate community.

I had always talked about creating a site like this, but didn’t know the whereabouts to get the data. But, I’m not dissappointed, this website is greater than what I could have created by myself. Make sure to check it out sometime.

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