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Webpage Design & Development in Bartow County

Just a short break from all of the real estate related posts to talk about one of my other passions, Web Design!

I’ve been creating websites since ~1997 and it’s always surprised me just how much people will pay for a few webpages. From day 1, my thought has been that I would be able to dominate web-design & development because I can create the same quality website as the big-dawgs, but for less.

But, year after year and company after company, I’m discovering that that’s not the case. The real deal is that individuals and companies associate price with quality. If the prices I charge aren’t around the market price, then the question becomes not “Where do I sign up?” but “What’s the catch?”, regardless of how my portfolio comes across.

I suppose it’s the same in most markets, even housing. If a house is selling for much less than it’s comps, then you automatically ask “What’s wrong with it? Termites? Degraded foundation?”

So, lesson learned. I’m going to reorganize my pricing structure. I’ve seen many start with a base price that covers the basics that one would need. They typically range from $700-1500. I’m leaning towards $1200. That will cover:

  • Website Design: I’ll work with you to develop a layout that is pleasing to you, standards compliant, and optimized for search engines.
  • WordPress Template: WordPress is an extremely popular website content management system (this site runs on it). Any design can be turned into a WordPress template. Once created, you’ll be able to add as many pages as you want to your website without any additional cost, whenever you want.
  • Static pages: If you prefer not to go with WordPress, a static website can be setup. Typically, there’s not much work involved in setting up additional pages, so I’ll add as many as you want (within reason – I’m probably not going to hand code your novel and put it online ūüėČ )
  • Web Hosting: One domain name registered and One Year of webhosting setup with (the CDI! Dreamhost Plan). You’ll have control over your account and will be able to manage it at your discretion.

If you’d rather setup hosting yourself, I’ll work with you to discount some or all of the hosting costs.

If you go through Dreamhost, feel free to use the following promo code to save $45: ZBPROMO (this promo is available to everybody).

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