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Cassville Commons

Located just off exit 296 on I75, Cassville Commons is an upcoming subdivision in….Cassville. The first thing I noticed when going to see these houses was the power lines just outside the exit. Right now, they are an eye-sore on an otherwise ok entrance. Perhaps they will do something to lessen their appearance later on down the line.

The subdivision itself is kinda divided into two parts. Upon entering, the first houses down the road on the left are The Cottages at Cassville Commons. These are priced in the 120s, which translates to $129k. But, with the developing buyer’s market, perhaps you can get a better deal.

The Cottages

These houses would be fine if it weren’t for one thing that bothered me. When walking into one of them, the area that should have been a garage had french doors instead. I’m not certain what the developers were thinking, but I believe the houses would have been much more appealing with a garage than an extra room.

All other things considered though, the rooms in the house I toured were fairly large for the price and had the master on the main. I especially liked the family area being located near the back of house, it kinda gives a better sense of privacy. (But, that’s not a huge concern of mine, I’d just as easily pick a house that had the family room in the front).

The Houses

Outside of the Cottages, the rest of the Commons give a greater sense of craftsmanship. This was helped in part by the greater amount of space between houses, better color selections, and the sodded yards. (The Cottages may be sodded eventually, but weren’t when I was going through.) However, I couldn’t help but dislike how all the wood fences seemed to mesh into one another.

Developer’s Website

For more details and floorplans, visit the developer’s website Here.


Going northbound on I75, take a left off of exit 296. You’ll go past the red-lights for the on-ramp and take the first left before the gas stations (Peeples Valley Road). Then you’ll take the first right after that onto Old Cass-White Road. The entrance to the subdivision will be about 1-1.5 miles ahead on your right.

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