Political Growth

I remember back in elementary school, in Virginia Beach, one of my social studies classes had a guest come in to talk about the voting process. It was a boring lecture for someone that young, years away from voting and not understanding any of the issues at stake, but I do recall how the two parties were described. According to the speaker, the Democratic party was a party open to new ideas and the Republican party was like a stick in the mud (You can imagine their party affiliation).

One might think that would set the wheels in motion for a future Democrat, but it didn’t. That kind of stuff took a backseat to being a kid. It wasn’t until I graduated high school and was about to start college that I officially chose a party. Back then, I registered as a Republican. I was a frequent listener to Neal Boortz (a now retired radio host on WSB) and Sean Hannity and took a shining to the ideals as they were presented to me. Continue reading »