Home Improvement

A Unified Home Network

There have been several geeky things that I’ve wanted to do with our home network for a while. They are: Upgrade all network devices to support 1+gbps internet service Add support for multiple bandwidth intensive devices Provide coverage on all floors And centralize everything with a small wall mounted rack In...


Why America, Why?

Across social media there are calls from Trump supporters to just “give him a chance” with constant reiteration about uniting to “make America great again”. Why are so many people so eager to jump aboard this crazy train? Do people really feel like America is currently a giant shit-hole that...


Disney World Vacation

From November 17-23, 2016, we vacationed at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort. It was my first trip there and the first for my wife in about 10 years. We started off at Epcot, then the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and in between we spent a great deal of time visiting Disney Springs. All in all it was a great...


Breckenridge Vacation

September 16-24 me and my honey took a trip out to Breckenridge, CO to enjoy the sites and take in a Ray LaMontagne concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It was an amazing trip, perfectly timed with the changing of the seasons (as you’ll see below) — we even got to experience the first snow of the season!


Daytona Beach Vacation

Back in June (18-19), we got to take a brief jaunt down to Daytona Beach, FL to visit with Alison’s side of the family. It was stormy, but perfect weather in my opinion – not too sunny to get burned and lots of wind & large waves.


Hope This Post Isn’t In Vein

This week has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions trying to come to terms with my cardiologist’s diagnosis – that one or more of the arteries in my heart were likely blocked. He arrived at this conclusion after receiving the results of my...

Web Development

Simple Pagination in Laravel

I was working on a personal project of mine this evening, thinking about some of the items that still needed to be coded. One of these was the setup of pagination so that my customers can browse through all of their bookings. I decided to see what kind of...

General News

Rise of the Machines

Another great video from Kurzegesagt, this one going over the automation that is currently happening in our world. As they say in the video, it kind of ends on a dark note, but I think this automation will open new doors, possibly ones that will lead to us...