Bartow Real Estate

Georgia Foreclosure Listings Service

UPDATE: Bartow County will be added to this service!

There are a lot of foreclosure listings available online, most of which require a paid subscription to find out where the property is located. However, there is a new service available called “My Early Edition” (

MEE provides all the details you need to locate foreclosures in and around the Atlanta Metro area…for free. The service even goes so far as to not only give you the address, lender information, and current owner, but will also do a reverse look-up to give you the phone number(s) associated with the property.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the searches I did:

My Early Edition Screenshot

The site could probably use a little work on the interface (Sorry Dave! ūüėČ ), but it is free and it’s frequently updated. Plus, since it was created by one of my friends from college, I can tell you for certain that you aren’t going to get bombarded with special email offers once you create your account.

Plus, new features are going to be added that will make this a very valuable tool for those searching for a deal. So, sign-up now and take advantage of this site while you can.

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    Nice site, just wish it listed Bartow County too.

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