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From $109k to $140k in One Month!

Like most people, I’d prefer to have a nice brick house over a typical wood/vinyl sided house; less maintenance, etc. So, I had been keeping an eye on one such house in Cartersville, GA. It was a 4-sided brick house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2-car carport, and a basement for the sweet price of $109,000.

A few days after viewing it, I drove back by for another look to discover a crew working on it. Online, the house was then listed for $115,000. That seemed pretty reasonable, depending on what exactly was being done to the house.

So, a couple of weeks later they are mostly finished and now I’ve discovered that the price has risen to $139,900. That’s $5000 more than the house right across the street from it and that one has an in-ground pool, work shed, and a much better kitchen to boot!

So, it appears that $20,900 gets you the following:

  • Refinished wood floors
  • New Paint (Inside & Out – brick isn’t painted)
  • New vinyl in the kitchen
  • New carpet in living room
  • and new interior doors? (not certain on this one)

I’m a bit disgusted by just how much the price has risen. It doesn’t, any shape, resemble a $140k home. The one across the street from me right now is priced at $132k and it’s much larger and in much better shape (although, it’s not brick).

However, if they can get that for the house, more power to them. Hopefully, whoever does buy it is smart enough to not become house-poor over it.

For those interested in viewing the brick house, it’s located right about here on Turner Drive.

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