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Victoria Village in Cartersville, GA

Victoria Village has been a long time in the making, especially if you consider the lot it’s being built on was graded some years ago (assumingly for some other sub-division, anybody remember the old name?). It can be found on Old Mill Road, near Cartersville Elementary School and beside the Excel Academy. On this map, it’s the upside-down “L” in the dirt.

Before I get into the meat and bones, let me say that I have not been into any of the houses in this subdivision. Unfortunately, a red sign near the entrance requires that you sign in before entering the “construction area.”

So, if you want to browse these, you’ll have to step inside and talk with one of the real estate agents first. With as many houses on the market today, and the purported slow-down in new home sales, you’d think there wouldn’t be any road-blocks for potential buyers.

Anyways, the houses in Victoria Village continue the line of craftsman-style homes being built in the area. The major difference in these is that the exteriors are painted, IMHO, an array of colorful pastel-ish tones. It looks like an attempt to re-create the feel of Charleston, SC (or any shore town really).

When I drive by this subdivision, I’m left with a memory of houses in light sage green & pinkish red (probably not the best colors to be remembered by), but the houses truly appear to be nice houses.

If you’ve got a higher tolerance for unnecessary requirements, give them a look. Houses start in the low 200s.

You can also visit Victoria Village’s website, but as of today it still does not have any information on the subdivision (need some help with that?).

The only thing you’ll see is “THIS IS THE FUTURE WEBSITE FOR Victoria Village”…Hmmm, I wonder if I have to sign-in first to see anything online too? =)

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