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2007: A New Beginning

I don’t usually like to plan too far ahead. When asked what I’m going to do for the weekend, usually I respond with “I don’t know.” Some people already have their routines down; they’ll go play poker, to the movies, etc. I like to keep things simple. Yet, there are still some things in this life that do require planning.

Plan for the road ahead...or at least the next turn.

Buying a Home

Sometime this year, I’d like to purchase my first house. I’ve been reading into it and have found that most lenders will accept a down-payment of 3%, as opposed to the standard of 20%. Still, after factoring in the HMI, annual property tax, and possibly PMI, the monthly cost is going to be quite substantial (those already owning a home, I’m sure are quite aware of this =)

So, in moving towards this goal of buying a house, I’d like to get my car paid off as soon as possible. The sooner it’s paid off, the sooner I’ll have $300 extra a month to put towards a mortgage payment.

My search for houses thus far has been set around the Cartersville, Acworth, and Dallas area (to lower commute times). So far, the best deals for the money seem to be located in Dallas. However, the houses there would need to be close Kennesaw/Marietta to make my drive any shorter. Otherwise, I’d be just as well off to just search for houses in the Kingston area.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.

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