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SUSE Linux – Not Quite Prime Time

I finally got around to installing SUSE Linux 10 on my pc.  It’s a dual boot setup and was fairly easy to install.  The only catch was that I had to set the install resolution to 1024×768, even though my monitor supported the default 1280×1024 resolution.  In that regard, I’m not sure many casual pc users would have figured out the install.  But, other than that, the install went rather smoothly.

Once the install finished, the resolution problem came into play again as I tried to increase it to 1280×1024.  But, the only resolution available was the 1024×768 that was set during install.   So, I did some quick searching and came up with xKonfigurator.  Bringing up the console, I type in xKonfigurator….nada…hmmmm.  Ok, so I go back and search some more and find out SUSE has it’s own program called SAX2 for setting up your display.  So, I type in SAX2 -a, thinking it would set it up automatically….but, it fails.

Now I definitely know that most casual users wouldn’t have gotten this far.  But, perhaps the problem I’m experiencing is unique?  Perhaps not, but it doesn’t bode well for SUSE, in my opinion, when something as simple as changing the screen resolution requires this much trouble.

But, despite that fact, my main goal for installing linux is to learn how to navigate around the console.  That, I can do, without KDE.

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